Morgenmad i Milano

Marianna Zuliani er bosat i Milano, hvor hun studererer på sit sidste år at IED, European Design Institute. Udover at brænde for mode, har denne smukke unge dame også et særdeles blødt hjerte for mad, og i særdeles dagens vigtigste måltid, nemlig morgenmaden. Her giver hun sine bedste tips til skønne breakfast-spots i Milano, skulle du være på de kanter. Se mere om Marianna på hendes blog, Instagram og Facebook-side.

California Bakery

California Bakery is one of the first “American bakery” to open in Milan. In addition to the deliciousness of each sweet, what I love about this little place is the atmosphere of a typical pastry 50s: beautiful cakes displayed in the window, a sweet smell the air, a gentle background music and the smile and the joy of the staff that I always makes you feel at home.

Must try: their N.Y Original Cheesecake: the best in town.


“Stay at home, come to Pavè” is the motto of this delightful cafe which as you can imagine, wants to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at home. What I love most of this place is its modern but comfortable identity, the possibility to see the laboratory behind the counter, the quality of the product and the perfect softness of the croissants.

Must try: La Rossa, croissant with raspberry jam.


Derives from “pan de nùs” which in Milanese means “walnut bread” because, in fact, this bar is born as a bread bakery. The coffee here is really good and I love this place because it very fashionable and modern but at the same time comfortable.

Must try: the savoury wholemeal croissant.


Founded twenty years ago, Sissi is one of the iconic bakeries of Milan. With a French touch, their croissants are considered the best in town. What I love of this place id that it’s one of the few bakery that makes “rise pudding” (in Italian “budini di riso”) a small and delicious Tuscany pastry that I love, made with rise, cream, and raisins, that is almost impossible to find in the northern of Italy.

Must try: their croissants.


Located on the Navigli, Taglio is the alternative breakfast in Milan: you can still find croissants and cappuccino, but the thing that differentiate this place from all the other are their egg benedict. Made in different variants, with hash brown potatoes, bread, salmon or veggie, they are the best in town! They also make the third wave coffee, and it is the only place in Milan to have it. Delicious.

Must try: eggs benedict with bacon and hash brown potatoes.

Acanto, Principe Di Savoia

Acanto is the restaurant of Principe Di Savoia, the luxury 5 star hotel belonging to the Dorchester Collection. Breakfast here is simply heavenly: you have access to an unlimited buffer that provides for everything: every kind of croissants, pies, tarts, all type of bread, yogurt, fruits, hams, cheeses… Everything. I love it because to have breakfast here make you feel like a star for one day. Everything is delicious and the place is awesome.

Must try: …Everything.

Panificio Davide Longoni

This bakehouse is a small place that you can recognize from the outside thanks to the delicious smell of bread that exhales. This place is primarily a bread bakery, but in the morning it’s possible to try their croissants or a piece of pie with a warm cappuccino. What I love most of this hidden gem is this perfect combination of bread bakery and coffee shop. Moreover I love its yard: a green little places hidden inside Milan, where you can have a breakfast in total calm far away from the city’s frenzy.

Must try: the Veneziana (a soft sweet bun).



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