Vi møder Meghan Markle

Vi møder Meghan Markle

Vi er så heldige at kunne bringe et interview med den underskønne Meghan Markle – også kendt som Rachel Zane fra TV-serien Suits. Foruden at være en skøn skuespillerinde har Meghan startet det online univers The Tig, så det var kun naturligt at ChriChris Christiane og The Tigs Meghan sammen tog en snak om inspiration, arbejdsliv og fremtid. Læs med og bliv inspireret af den smukke intelligente skuespillerinde og iværksætter.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. A true native of “la-la-land”!

What did you want to become when you where a child?

I think I was fairly convinced I would be the President of the United States or a newscaster – something where I was able to speak and be very official. Ha! My, how things have changed!

What was your first job?

My first job was at a frozen yogurt shop called Humphrey Yogart; I served and blended specialty frozen yogurts and I was 13 years old.

You’ve created and founded an online inspiring universe “The TIG,” how (why) did you come up with that idea?

I really wanted to be able to share my travel and food tips with people beyond my close friends. I have always loved pointing people in the right direction—the best hidden gems, the best tiny restaurants—and as I have gotten older, that has extended to beauty and fashion as well. That was the impetus for The TIG, but what it has evolved into is a community for inspiration, which I absolutely love.

How is a regular day for you – workwise?

Sometimes I go to set at 4:30am to film, and other days I go in at 9pm and work until 4 in the morning. It really depends. In my trailer between scenes, you can find me eating a veggie and hummus plate and writing stories for The TIG.

And then, how would your ideal day be – workwise?

I sometimes wish my work days were more consistent, but these are “champagne problems” as I call them. I am the luckiest girl in the world and living the dream. That is never lost on me. I’m very grateful.
Where do you find inspiration for your ideas, contributors etc.?

Honestly I just think of what I would like to read in magazines—nothing snarky, not gossip, something positive and inspiring, cool people who are doing cool things and effecting change in the world.  Then I ask around and see if my friends know those people, or have a contact, or I go online and do some digging. I just think outside of the box and write a LOT of emails 🙂

You are also an fulltime working actress – you have castings, read manuscripts etc., you depend on other people creating something for you or creating something you would like to do but (maybe) has to fight for – how does it feel taking your own destiny be the hand, and being your own boss, creating your own future with – The TIG? (for me it’s a very important thing being on my journey to full independence)
I often joke that as an actress I am paid to say someone else’s words believably. What feels so empowering about writing for and developing The TIG is owning my own words and choosing what I want to voice. It is as vulnerable as it is exciting. Embracing my independence and knowing my worth is hugely important to me, and The TIG has really helped me shine in that regard. I still pinch myself at how surreal it all is…

Do you have a mentor or someone you respect, that is in the same genre of business as you or just who inspirers you?

It runs the gamut: Arianna Huffington for what she did with the HuffPo, Jessica Alba for creating a venture that evolved into an incredible company, my mom for going to complete her undergrad and masters in her 40s.

What is most challenging about having your own company/online universe?

Figuring it all out on your own. I didn’t hire my first full time employee until about a month ago, so up until then, the outreach, the content development, every single piece of writing was something I did for The TIG on my own. And in many ways, I am thankful for that because it really set the tone of what The TIG is, but it also gave me two full-time jobs at once which was and is unsustainable. The TIG has also taught me the importance of delegating and trusting someone to help you see your vision through. You can’t do it alone – or maybe you can, but it’s not nearly as fun 🙂

What do you love most about your job?

The response from men and women who feel inspired. The ability to share such personal stories and have them resonate with people—whether it be about being biracial, or an only child, self-conscious, or self-critical—I try to be as candid and honest as possible and share my life stories. There’s a misconception that because you’re on TV or in films that you’re somehow not struggling with things—it’s just a different version of the same thing, so I try to share whatever I have learned (or am continuing to learn).

Do you have any advice for people starting on their own – one say it are a road of trials? Battles, ups and downs – is that true?

A piece of advice was given to me many moons ago: “Don’t give it five minutes if you’re not going to give it five years.” Just stick with it—that will separate you from the rest.

Are you a workaholic?

No. I work hard, but I take time to relax, to rest, to meditate, and to enjoy delicious wine with friends!

What are your hopes and dreams for the future workwise?

I hope to continue expanding The TIG into a very successful lifestyle brand, to travel the world, to be a mom one day, to continue acting on Suits and to take on other challenging and exciting acting roles; I am eager to move back to Los Angeles, to do more work in the socio-political arena, to advocate for gender equality, and to know that every day I at least tried to make the world a little bit better. A girl can dream 🙂

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