The Big Apple, byen der har det hele, og en af vores absolut favorit destinationer! For at give jer det bedste udgangspunkt for den næste ferie i den pulserende storby, har vi teamet op med den seje designstuderende Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen, der er bosat i NYC, og som I den grad har en finger på pulsen med hvad der rører sig over there. 

What is your relation to NY?

I came to New York to continue my education at Parsons (previously in Paris), meaning that I live and study here.

In your opinion, what are the main reasons for visiting NY?

I believe that New York can give you more diverse experiences than any other city in the world. Because it has many aspects of the world in one place, minorities, culture, great food, art, and it is a place that constantly evolves. There is always something new to discover and explore, it will never remain the same and there is not much time for nostalgia as in European cities. The main reason to go here would therefore be to embrace new experiences.

What is your best experience in NY?

Although the city is known for being hectic, open 24/7 and it’s slightly insane traffic, the people there can really surprise you – in a good way. One Sunday morning I was in my local deli to pick up some breakfast with a friend, and while I was waiting to pay, the man in front of me had already paid for me. I didn’t even know, I had never talked to this guy, and he didn’t say a word to me. This has happened a couple of times to (different places, different people) but it is something unique that I have never experienced in any other city I have lived in.

What is special about NY, and the American culture?

New York particularly has a drive than is beyond European imagination. They do not care if they have to work two jobs to get what they want, only having 2 weeks of vacation per year and no public health care. People constantly strive towards something better, and that’s why a great success is more likely to happen in America. Obviously there are many situations where people do not end up achieving what that came for, but there is a constant hope. People in the city are also good at being enthusiastic on other people’s behalf, instead of being jealous. I admire these great qualities in New York.

Stay here

The Nomad – The hotel is located in the flatiron district on Manhattan and is a great hotel, nicely decorated and offering a lovely cozy vibe. The bar is almost always full, but there is a more private lounge section for the hotel guests to hang out. The restaurant is known for it’s excellent cuisine, but there is also the alternative of having a causal dinner or snacks at the bar.

Sohotel – Bacchanal
 – The Sohotel is located between China Town and Nolita, a very charming area in the lower part of Manhattan. The hotel is offering a decent price and is in walking distance from the best boutiques and restaurants. The restaurant placed in the lower level of the hotel, Bacchanal, is known for its Sunday Brunch with no-limit mimosas.

Airbnb – is an interesting alternative to hotels when visiting New York, as you allow yourself the experience of feeling a bit like a local. The idea of being in a more residential area can be eye opening and make you feel the pulse of the city in a completely different way. You can easily choose which area you feel like exploring on your stay and it is easy to select a price range that suits your personal budget. Personally, I very much like to have the option of making my own breakfast when I visit a new city, so you are not forced to constantly eat out.

Eat here

Chelsea Market for lunch – In the Chelsea market you can find many interesting smaller shops and food places, but you cannot miss The Lobster Place serving great lobster rolls from Maine. If you are not a lobster fan, the Crêpe Suzette is a great alternative where you can get interesting combinations of sweet or salty crêpes.

Indochine (Vietnamese) – If you like Vietnamese food, but still want to be in a nicely decorated restaurant, this is the place. The food is delicious and you can come in advance to grab a drink at the bar or in the lounge area in the front of the restaurant. The entire restaurant is tapestried with a banana leaf wallpaper, complementing the cozy ambiance of the place.

Tacombi (Mexican) – Mexican food in New York comes in many variations, but this place is authentic and not very expensive. There’s a choice between different soft tacos and side orders, and they are all very enjoyable. The sangria pitchers are definitely worth recommending, but they do also have variations of Mexican sodas and beers. All of the tacos are made in a little food truck placed inside the restaurant, giving an outdoor feeling as well as the light chains in the ceiling.

Five Leaves (Brooklyn) – When out and about in Brooklyn, there are many really good spots to have good food. One of them is Five Leaves located in Greenpoint, that offers a mix of French and American cuisine, they are particularly known for their truffle French fries that you will definitely smell if someone orders them.

Caracas (Venezuelan) – If you haven’t experienced Venezuelan food yet, you should definitely try Caracas Arepas Bar in the East Village. They have the best guacamole and fried plantains and you should most definitely try the passion fruit juice to go with. Make sure to come a bit early if you go during the weekend, as it is a popular place.

Smorgasburg – There are many different markets in New York, but this one is certainly among the best. Smorgasburg is a flea market that has different locations depending on the day, travelling around Brooklyn. They have many different vendors and sell everything from food to antiques in different sections of the market. It is only open in the warmer months, starting from April, as it is an outdoor market.

Shop here

Vintage – Great vintage in New York can be hard to find if you do not know where to look, here are a few good ones to get started:
 Tokio 7, Tokyo Joe and Buffalo Exchange are all in East Village. Then there is INA and Second Time Around which are located several places in Manhattan and A Second Chance focusing on accessories in Soho.
 In Brooklyn there is the famous Beacon’s Closet where you have to spend quite a lot time going through the clothes but may find some hidden treasures. There is also People of Tomorrow, Pony Shop and Shop Our Closet.

Lower Manhattan – In Nolita there are plenty of good boutiques you will find interesting when walking around in the area, especially Elizabeth Street. It’s a great area for strolling and people watching, and then you will automatically find interesting boutiques by yourself.

Opening Ceremony – in Soho is always interesting, they have a quirky selection of up and coming designers and an assortment of accessories.

Interior – If you are interesting in some suggestions for interior shopping, go to ABC Carpet & Home, West Elm and Fish Eddy’s for cute porcelain.

Beauty – Beauty is a big thing over here and it is almost a must as a woman to try some of these salons, because we all know that in the US it’s all about great hair and nails:
 Benefit Brow bar to get perfect brows, Glossier for skin care, Dry Bar to get a blow dry and your hair styled (You can for $40 dollars get “The Cosmo” treatment) and Valley to get nail art and a pedicure.

Enjoy the city

The Met – An enormous museum with everything from Antiquity to Modern art, definitely worth several hours to just browse around and enjoy. There is no mandatory ticket price; it is what you find suitable and what you are willing to give.

The Frick Collection – A lovely museum made from the private home of Henry Clay Frick who had gathered a substantial art collection throughout his lifetime and decided to make it open to the public after his death.

The Brooklyn Bowl – The place to go if you feel like bowling and/or enjoying live music. It allows you to be at a concert where people are dancing meanwhile you can also go to the bowling alleys to bowl with a couple of friends.



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