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Since 2011 the brand Daniel Wellington has become a huge success with its simple, minimalistic and classic designs for both men and women. Meet the man behind the popular watches; Filip Tysander, who never stops dreaming about new opportunities. ChriChri sat down with Filip for a talk about him, his journey and inspiration, and last but not least his watches.

When Filip Tysander was a child he thought that he was going to be a lawyer just like his uncle, but all that changed when he needed a new watch.

I had no great interest in watches before Daniel Wellington to be honest, mostly because I did not find what I was looking for in the matter of style and from a financial standpoint. I was looking for the right watch but the ones I had in mind were usually very expensive.

So what do you do when you need a new watch and no one can offer exactly what you have in mind? – You design one yourself and when Filip Tysader met an interesting man, with an impeccable sense of style on a holiday a few years ago the birth of the brand Daniel Wellington became a reality.

“He wore his vintage watch on an old, weathered NATO strap. I was hooked at how clean and classic it looked but I thought that the casing was a little too thick and wanted to bring more of a minimalistic essence to it. When I got back home from my trip I decided to design a thinner casing that would fit better together with the NATO straps. I wanted to incorporate classic yet affordable timepieces that would be suitable for every occasion for everyone that felt the same need as I did.

When my first line of watches emerged, it felt very natural that it should be named after the man who influenced me so much.”

The man Daniel Wellington is an intriguing and well-dressed gentleman from the British Isles. He is a man with a colorful personality who had an inspiring ability to be polite, relaxed and unpretentious at the same.

“These are all characteristics that we had in mind when developing our first collection” Filip Tysander explains.

The idea behind the Daniel Wellington brand was to create elegant and classic yet affordable timepieces without too many features that are suitable for every occasion. Filip Tysander explains further:

“The watches are with their minimalistic design and preppy influences aesthetically pleasing and multipurpose with a broad range of leather and NATO straps. The Daniel Wellington watch is meant to enhance every look and work as an extension of your wrist and the fact that the straps are interchangeable makes it very easy to tailor your look, completing every outfit.”

The man from the holiday is one thing, but the inspiration comes from everywhere and Filip Tysander always has his eyes open to new ideas.

“I am constantly looking for things that might be applicable into our design, it could be anything from interior, styling details or the people around me. I try to incorporate my sources of inspiration in the minimalistic design that the Daniel Wellington watches mediates in the best possible way.”

Filip Thysander started his first business when he opened a webshop with his brother in 2007. The shop focused on affordable yet stylish bowties and fashion accessories – popular at that time in Sweden.

With the opening of Daniel Wellington the young Swedish entrepreneur therefore opened his second business and he loves it.

I love the people I work beside. They are practically my family. Also the fact that my job challenges me every day in different ways means that I am always learning something new. Seeing the world while travelling is another big bonus I get as a part of Daniel Wellington being such an international brand. The fact that I love my job makes it easy to enjoy every day but I also find it important to maintaining a healthy balance between business and pleasure.”

Since the launch in 2011 the brand Daniel Wellington has been a great success and there is no doubt what Filip Thysander is proudest of having achieved:

“I must say that the greatest achievement in my career would be what the brand, Daniel Wellington has become. I am extremely proud to be the founder of one of the most beloved watch brands in the industry and that we continue to grow globally each day. That truly warms my hear.

With two entrepreneurial start-ups on his resume Filip Tysander knows how to create and maintain a successful business:

“It is important to create something different in the market, something that will stand out catch the customers’ attention. It is important to put a lot of efforts into building a business you are proud of. In a company’s first year, your goal should be merely to survive. No matter how tired or afraid you are to fail, you have to stay true to your dream and figure out how to keep on going. Have fun and the success will follow. And the most important of all, never stop dreaming, I am dreaming about new opportunities every day.”

If you love the watches as much as we do, you can find them in our webshop here.

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